Toledo Moth Convention

August 17, 2015
I recently head on down to Punta Gorda for a moth convention not realizing it was not for humans but for a rare congregation of migrating moths. The 3 days had me out at night viewing tussock moths, tiger moths, owlet moths et al. Actually most interesting and a great passion of our host at Hickatee cottages where we entered the world of entomology serenaded by the sound of howler monkeys.  Studies have shown that there are more than 1500 species of moths and butterflies at any one time in Belize either on migratory paths or in their natural habitat. Moths are generally nocturnal and butterflies around during the daylight hours. There are certainly lots of them to be found here.
For information on moths and identification
Belize also has a few butterfly farms and research centres which make for enlightening and enjoyable visits.
Bayshore Limited,
Maya Beach, Placencia,
Stann Creek, Belize.