How Far Is It To The Beach?

August 7, 2015

When asked how far it is to the beach, I usually say “minutes away”. Placencia is a peninsula and given its width, it is hard to be far from the sea. In Maya Beach the average distance from lagoon to the seaside is 1200 feet. The beachfront is public domain with access points dotted throughout and several designated park/green areas. These are generally not cleared and host a variety of native birds and are the habitat of small wildlife such as agouti and coatimundi.


The width of the beach varies from the top to the bottom depending on upkeep. Placencia village has large public areas and ideal spots for swimming. Further up the peninsula are areas of coral reef easily accessible from the shore and excellent for snorkelling practice. Walking the beach is a great form of exercise and as there is very little tide, your usual route does not vary much except with changes in the weather.


Feature Image: Google Maps.

Bayshore Limited,
Maya Beach, Placencia,
Stann Creek, Belize.